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Welcome to, a Christian education resource site providing more than 250 lessons for grade school, youth, and confirmation. Also available are children’s sermons based on each Sunday’s Gospel reading for all three years of the Reformed Lectionary.

All lessons are centered around a Bible story and contain every word needed to teach the lesson. You can, of course, modify these words, which is why I provide the ability to download the lessons in both .doc and .pdf formats. Media clips are also provided with the appropriate lessons. Just click the blue view link next to each lesson and the audio or visual file should play.

The site is ad-free and all the lessons are free, including Confirmation curriculum, Workshop Rotation Model lessons, all-ages classroom lessons, youth lessons with streaming video clips, and more. To learn more about (and me), visit the about page.

If a lesson is incorrectly linked, if resources are missing, if you have questions or comments about the content, or you just want to say hi, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Nathanael Vissia

Lessons for Multi-Age Sunday School Classroom

(Recommended for Grades K - 5th)

Patriarchs, Joseph & Moses

(11 Lessons)

Prophets & Kings

(11 Lessons)


(12 Lessons)

What is a Multi-Age Classroom & How does it work?

Suggested Standard Supply List

Youth Sunday School Lessons

(Recommended for 5th-8th & 9th-12th grades)

Confirmation Sunday School Lessons

(Recommended for 9th or 10th Grade)

The 1-year Lesson Set

(24 Lessons)

Prayer Retreat Lessons

(4 Lessons)

What is Confirmation?

Explanation of Confirmation Lesson Plan Components

Additional Christian Education Resources

Adult Christian Education Resources

(For individuals and small groups)

A Rehearsal-free Christmas Pageant

(An Intergenerational Worship Service for Christmas)

Devotions for a 7-day Mission Trip

(Bible story-centered devotions for morning & evening)

Free Sunday School Lessons & Resources

Curriculum Categories

Workshop Rotation Model (WRM) Lessons

(Recommended for Grades K - 5th)

WRM Season 1

(10 Sessions with 3 classes per session ~ 30 lessons total)

WRM Season 2

(10 Sessions with 3 classes per session ~ 30 lessons total)

What is the Workshop Rotation Model (WRM)?

Additional Resources for

WRM Lessons

5 year Scope & Sequence



Classrooms Descriptions



Sample Schedule



Curriculum Categories

Workshop Rotation Model
 (K-5th Grade)

Curriculum Categories

Multi-Age Lessons (K-5th Grade)

Curriculum Categories

Youth Lessons
(5th-8th & 9th-12th)

Curriculum Categories

Confirmation Lessons
 (9th or 10th Grade)

Curriculum Categories

C.E. Resources

Year 1

(Biblical Literacy Approach - 26 Lessons)

Year 2

(Biblical Literacy Approach - 24 Lessons)

Year 3

(Biblical Literacy Approach - 25 Lessons)

Year 4

(Biblical Literacy Approach - 25 Lessons)