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Children’s Sermon

Luke 13:31-35

Jerusalem Ignores God’s Love & Care

February 21, 2016

2nd Sunday of Lent

Lectionary Year C

ASK    (a.k.a The On-Ramp)

  • Good morning! I have a question for you…
  • Do you have a pet or do you know someone who does?
  • Have you ever tried to get that pet to do something simple, like come to you when you call its name or have it do a fun trick, like “shaking hands?”
  • And…do the pets always do what you want? (No!)
  • Sometimes they even do the exact opposite of what we want them to do, right?
  • For instance, you might want to give your pet a bath – and when you put the pet in the water, what do you think they try to then do? (Run away!)

TELL    (a.k.a. The Freeway)

  • I bring this idea about pets not listening to us because in today’s scripture story, Jesus is talking about the people in the city of Jerusalem when he says something very interesting.  
  • He repeats what another prophet said about God and Jerusalem.
  • This other prophet said that God longs to gather the people of Jerusalem together, like a mother bird gathers her baby chicks under her wings.  Such an image might look something like this:

Image from:  http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_4ZMlp3IpkLE/S970CT371CI/AAAAAAAAEDM/81BTkWIfuao/s1600/und erHISwing.jpg

  • That looks pretty cozy and inviting, doesn’t it?
  • But, the prophet says that the people of Jerusalem were not willing to be gathered under the care of God.
  • And, because the people of Jerusalem didn’t want to receive God’s care, then they also weren’t too interested in listening to Jesus ... just like our pets don’t always listen to us.
  • And what’s so frustrating for Jesus is that he knows it’d be so much better for the people of Jerusalem if they would receive God’s love and care…
  • …just like we know it’s better for our dogs and cats to have a bath from time to time, even if they don’t want it.

SHARE the Good News   (a.k.a. The Destination)

  • So today’s story is kind of a sad story.
  • But guess what?
  • Even if some people in Jesus’ time didn’t accept Jesus’ invitation to receive God’s care, WE can still accept Jesus’ invitation to learn how to receive God’s care and love.
  • And, as we follow Jesus and learn from him how to receive God’s care and love..
  • …then the more of God’s care and love we can share with others – just like Jesus did.
  • And that’s the good news for today!


  • Let’s pray.  This is a repeat-after-me prayer.

Dear God,
Dear God,

Thank you for Jesus…

Thank you for Jesus…

…who teaches us …

…who teaches us…

…how to receive your love and care…

…how to receive your love and care…

…so that we can…

…so that we can…

…then share your love with others.

…then share your love with others.


Originally posted February 24, 2013.
Updated on January 31, 2016
Written and edited by Nathanael Vissia

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