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Children’s Sermon

John 6:1-21

No Problem Is Too Big For God

July 28, 2024

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Lectionary Year B

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ASK    (a.k.a The On-Ramp)

  • Good morning!
  • I have a question for you. Can you tell me some things that you can think of that are really really big?
  • [Listen to their answers and provide some ideas (Elephants! Oak trees! Mountains!) if they don't say anything]
  • Those are some big things, don't you think!?
  • Do you think those big things would be easy for you to pick up and move?
  • If those big things broke, do you think it would be easy for you to fix them?

TELL    (a.k.a. The Freeway)

  • I was asking you to think about big things because in today's scripture story, we see Jesus facing some big problems -- problems that were just as big, if not bigger, than the answers you were just sharing with me.
  • The first problem Jesus had was a very hungry and large crowd of people to feed -- another telling of the story says there were at least 5000 people there.
  • The second problem he had was that a very excited crowd wanted to force him to become king.
  • The third problem he faced was that his disciples took the boat and left without him, leaving him with no easy way to get back home.
  • His fourth problem was a big storm that caught the disciples in the middle of the Sea of Galilee.
  • And the fifth problem for Jesus in today's story was how to reunite with his disciples.
  • Some of those problems were bigger than others, but Jesus did something about each and every one of those problems.
  • We heard that Jesus fed the crowd of people, avoided their demands to be king, walked on water to reunite with his disciples, and then transported the boat and everyone in it to land and away from the dangers of the storm.
  • I don't know what you think about all of that, but I find that to be some amazing and unexpected solutions to some very big problems!

SHARE the Good News   (a.k.a. The Destination)

  • Just like Jesus had problems in today's story, we, too, have problems that we have to face.
  • Some of our problems might seem small, but others can feel pretty big.
  • So big, in fact, that we might even think there is no way to move through the problem.
  • But one of the important things that I think today's story is meant to remind us about is that no matter what the size of the problem is that we are facing, that problem is never too small or too big for God to help us.
  • Just like Jesus -- who was filled with God's Holy Spirit -- could move through his problems with God's help, we too can invite God’s Holy Spirit into our lives, and then, with God's help, know the best way to move through the problems in front of us.
  • And, just like Jesus was able to help others with their problems (the hunger of the crowd and the storm that endangered the disciples), God will also help us solve some of the problems that others are facing as well.
  • Again, no problem is too small or too big to ask for God’s help with.
  • And that's the good news for today. Let's pray.


  • This is a repeat-after-me prayer.

Dear God,

Dear God,

Thank you for Jesus...

Thank you for Jesus...

…who shows us how…

…who shows us how…

…to invite you into our lives...

…to invite you into our lives...

…and receive your help with any problem.

…and receive your help with any problem.

Thank you and Amen

Originally posted July 7, 2018

Updated on June 30, 2024

Written and edited by Nathanael Vissia

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