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First, a confession:  I dislike writing.  I’m slow at it, I don’t get it right the first time (if ever!) and it exposes the flaws in my thinking; it even changes my thinking.

But, God rarely honors my dislike as a valid reason to avoid action.  So it is no surprise that in my daily prayer time there has been a persistent (but polite) prodding to start a blog section on  

The purpose of the blog, as I understand it, is two-fold:

  1. To provide a place to better explain and supplement the resources currently available on the site.

  1. To provide a place to discuss what we teach about God to the next generation of the Church (a.k.a. our children) and the reasons why.

Discussion is always better when others participate and I encourage you to join me in the conversation. I also invite you to ask others to participate as well.  To help facilitate these invitations, each post will have a facebook share button (above the index on the right) and a link to the rfour blog facebook page where you can comment on the posts.

I look forward to hearing from you,