Resources for Christian Education

Dear Christian Educators, Sunday School Teachers, Pastors, Associate Pastors, Sunday School Superintendents, and Christian Education Ministry Chairs,

There are many reasons why a Sunday school program can be successful.  But if we do not teach the next generation why and how to follow Jesus, then our successful Sunday School model, and all the work that went into it, was pointless. Big numbers and fancy classrooms look good, but content matters more.  When we teach our children how to be actual disciples of Jesus, then we are also teaching them the purpose of the Church: How to enter and participate in the Kingdom of God.

Writing such curriculum is time-consuming and finding such curriculum to buy is near-impossible. Here at rfour.org, lessons are offered to help fill these curriculum needs while you write your own curriculum or continue searching for the right paid-for curriculum. On this site, you will find:

2 full seasons (10 sessions per season, 3 lessons/classrooms per session) of Workshop Rotation Model Lessons (recommended for grades K-5th): Here and here

3 mini-seasons (11 lessons in each mini-season) of 1-Room Sunday School Lessons (recommended for grades K-5th): Here, here, and here

4 full seasons (25 lessons per season) of Middle School/6th-8th Grade Sunday School Lessons: Here, here,  here, and here.

1 full season (24 lessons plus lessons for a prayer retreat) of Confirmation Class Lessons: Here and here.  

And  for adults, there is now a book available, Chaos & the Kingdom, for small groups. Click here to learn more.

To see all the available lessons and corresponding resources on one page click the "Curriculum" link in the banner at the top of the page or click here.  

All of these lessons (including the book) are structured around the stories of the Bible.  They are designed to be easy to read, requiring (hopefully) little to no re-writing, and providing step-by-step instruction from start to finish. It is my hope that these lessons can help you more effectively share the Good News.

If you have any questions, email me.