The middle school / high school / youth group lessons were created for a 45-minute class period. However, the lessons can easily fill an hour-long class period. Each lesson contains the same components of: “Opening Question,” “Movie Clip,” “Reading of Scripture Story,” “Discussion and Teaching about the Scripture Story” and “Activity.” Teaching objectives for the lesson and a list of required materials are also included.

Lessons were created with these long-term educational objectives in mind

For high school classes, I’ve found the “activity section” of the lesson to not always be beneficial. You may want to experiment with not using the activity section with your high school classes.  

Note that each lesson is fully-written. I highly recommend using a printed version of the lesson as a script when teaching. I teach with a co-teacher and we assign sections to each other. Using the lesson plan as a script, then, helps us transition between our teaching assignments.    

It is recommended that you use the lessons in the order in which they are grouped on the page. The lessons build upon and refer back to discussions from previous lessons. However, each year of lessons stand alone. The overall goal of these pages is to provide four years of high quality lessons that can then be reused once a four-year cycle is completed. If you are using these lessons for both middle school and high school, then this approach won’t work since you will need an eight-year cycle of lessons. However, if you use the Confirmation lessons, then you have a fifth year of lessons to work with that will amplify and continue the themes from the youth lessons).

Additional MS / HS Lesson Information