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Scripture:  John 18:33-37
[ Summary:
 Christ the King Sunday: Jesus and Pilate talk about Jesus being a king ]

Supplies Needed: No supplies needed.

ASK    (a.k.a The On-Ramp)

  • Good morning!
  • To get started today, I have some questions to ask you … about kings
  • First – what is a king? (a ruler over a people / country. Person who is in charge of a country)
  • Good! And how do you think a king becomes a king? (it gets passed along from the parents/within the family OR someone with an army takes over and becomes king)
  • So….does our country have a king? (the answer to this depends on what country you live in, most likely the answer is “No”)
  • Well, if our country DID have a king, would that mean everyone in the country would then have the same king? (yep)
  • Even if lots of us didn’t want to have that king? (yep)
  • And could that king make us do things we wouldn’t want to do – like always have to eat vegetables for dinner? (possibly)  
  • So, even if they couldn’t make us eat vegetables for EVERY dinner, kings sound like they are pretty powerful, don’t you think?

TELL    (a.k.a. The Freeway)

  • It just so happens, that in today’s scripture story, Jesus and Pilate are having a talk about Jesus being a king.  
  • But Pilate is confused.
  • Pilate thinks Jesus is a king just like we talked about – that Jesus is trying to become the king of Israel.  
  • But Jesus tells him, “I’m not that kind of king.”

SHARE the Good News   (a.k.a. The Destination)

  • Instead, Jesus is the kind of king that invites people to follow him, unlike a regular king who is king over people whether they like it or not.  
  • And, Jesus is the kind of king who isn’t concerned about having people do things for him like a regular king.
  • Instead, Jesus is the kind of king who shares God’s love and abundance and healing with people.
  • And, if we choose to follow Jesus like his disciples did, then Jesus shows and teaches us (just like he taught his disciples) how to receive God’s love, abundance and healing
  • Then, once we know how to receive God’s love, abundance and healing, we can share it just like Jesus did.
  • Sounds like Jesus makes for a pretty good king, doesn’t he?
  • And that is the very good news for today.


  • Let’s pray.  This is a repeat-after-me prayer.

Dear God,
Dear God,

Thank you for Jesus…

Thank you for Jesus…

…who is the best king ever…

…who is the best king ever…

…because he shows us…

…because he shows us…

…how to pay attention to you.  

…how to pay attention to you.

 Thank you and amen

Posted November 8, 2015
Written by Nathanael Vissia

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Written for Sunday, November 22, 2015

26th Sunday after Pentecost

Lectionary Year B

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